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  • Local Network Management System  v.1.0Open Source Local Network Management System for cable Network operators, using PHP and C programming.
  • LNChat - Local Network Chat  v.1.0The best solution for the office and home environment communications.
  • Boardawy Full Forum Software and Bulletin Board System  v.2009Boardawy Full Forum Software and Bulletin Board System 2009 comes as a discussion board system that is created using Perl and SQL technologies.Completely rewritten. Now 400% faster with chat boards, RSS, Smileys, HTML Visual Editor, BBCode Editor, ...
  • Linz Neural Network System  v.1.0LiNNS is not just a Neural Network Simulator, but a Neural Network System - a framework which covers the full lifecycle of a neural network, from design and research till usage in an external application.
  • AIDA32 - Network System Information  v.3.88Professional system information and network audit tool for free of charge. With AIDA32 you can create profile of all your computers, and easily use them to generate audit statistics of your network. Results can be printed, e-mailed or saved to file.
  • JapanSNS Open Social Network System  v.1.0JapanSNS is localized version of [english] UCenter Home version 2.0 , discuz 7.2 and above, it is a powerful open source social networking system, more powerful than facebook or mixi with many addon applications including many multiuser games.
  • Local GPS system  v.1.0Ce projet permet de rA ...
  • Employees of company (License for 3 computers on local network)  v.2.6.6Program for the expanded account of characteristics of employees.
  • Clients (License for 3 computers on local network)  v.2.0.6Program for conducting client base of the company.
  • TCP/IP Data Logger  v.2.2Buy TCP IP network administration shareware online to logs network equipments data PLCs transmit status alarm message to individual same log file terminal server connects RS232 RS485 serial devices to Ethernet network record remote serial port data ...
  • LanToucher Messenger  v.1.47LanToucher Messenger is an easy-to-use and cost-effective communication solution for your internal corporate or home network. All you will need to begin sending instant messages is a wired or wireless connection to your local network!
  • Prof Inventory  v.2.2A useful tool for system administrators to inventorying hardware and software in the network and track all changes. It’s possible to track the history of changes for any specific date range and see the inventory configuration at any chosen date point ...
  • My WinPopup Express  v.2009.00WinPopup Express let you send and exchange messages within your local network. Secure (not connected to the internet), reliable and easily accessible, this software is available for all versions of Windows...
  • Compusnack  v.1.0CompuSnack is a Network & System Administration Studio comprised of a CompuSnack Master and a CompuSnack Target. CompuSnack Master is a system management utility engine designed to be used by system and network admins, account executives and ...
  • NetStorm CPI  v.2.25Safe Internet/Local Network Chat ...
  • Messenger Detect  v.2.76Monitor and record all MSN chats, AOL (AIM) chat, Yahoo chat, and ICQ chat on your Local network automatically and secretly! It's the one for ALL!
  • Obsidium Software Protection System  v.1.4.3Obsidium is a software protection and licensing system that was designed as an affordable and easy to implement, yet reliable way to protect your software applications and games from unauthorized modifications (i.e. 'cracking') and redistribution and ...
  • PC Guard Software Protection System  v.6.00.0300PC Guard is a professional software protection and licensing system. Easily protect 32bit/64bit Windows and Microsoft .NET framework (.NET versions) applications from illegal distribution and reverse engineering.
  • Global Network Inventory  v.1.0Global Network Inventory is a powerful and flexible software and hardware inventory system that can be used as an audit scanner in an agent-free and zero deployment environments.
  • Network Inventory Enterprise  v.5.8.2This network inventory tool allows you to collect hardware and software inventory data from Windows PCs in a local network into a centralized database. The collected information can be used to build various inventory reports.
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